A White Christmas Morn' at Dark Horse Recording & Institute

Well, I’ve had a cup of coffee, fed and exercised the dogs, fed the horses and now am back in bed at 9:30 in the morning.  This happens LESS then never these days.  It’s pretty outside with a coating of snow over the mud and brown grass.  Despite no clouds showing up on the local radar, it’s snowing a bit again.  Some of these flakes are big.  Being out here in the country on site of a typically busy recording studio and the newly formed Dark Horse Institute, when all is quiet and dark is always a pleasant feeling.  One of the best things for me, a Jew on Christmas is the feeling of nearly everything being shut down…as things typically are supposed to be if you happen to be someone of any faith who subscribes to the concept of keeping the Sabbath.  It is largely like this in much of Israel on the Sabbath…A time to pause, be one with nature, reflect quietly…Peace to all. jeff

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