Team Building Nashville Style

What is team building Nashville style you ask? Well, we have an even more important question for you!

What are your goals for this specific program? Are you trying to foster more collaboration within your team? Are you hoping for more regular innovation to occur within the "walls" of your department? By definition Innovation is putting ideas into action. Execution in other words.  But you already knew that! So, what is team building Nashville style? Funny you should ask.

Every single day, here in Nashville, teams of songwriters gather in small rooms working on tomorrow's hit songs. Brainstorming, active listening or "mirroring" are huge parts of this process. This is the same process used in the board rooms and idea creating sessions at Google, Apple, SAS, Southwest Airlines, Starbucks and most of the other innovative, top producing companies that we have all come to know.  Much like the teams you have assembled, these teams of songwriters come together with different and yet mutually complimentary skill-sets.  Often we have teams where there are stronger word-smiths working with stronger musicians.  Or perhaps, there is one writer who just really knows how to write a GREAT HOOK, or Chorus and another who is better at building the story around the hook, or content development.  How we make these pieces fit and work well together are quite similar at days end, with how you assemble and develop your team.  Lets have some fun together!

Writing a song with your team or group will be highly interactive, loads of fun, engaging, productive, fast paced, and truly a unique Nashville experience.  Whether your meeting is in Music City, or in Denver or anywhere in between, for the length of your program you will be team building Nashville style!  This song will focus on the right here, right now issues and challenges facing your company, department and/or industry. Songwriting is simply the method we utilize to attempt to dig down a little deeper into your teams style of communication, commitment to collaboration, and dedication to creativity and innovation.

And guess what? There is NOTHING more Nashville than writing a song. So whether or not your group is coming in from out of town, or based in Nashville... why not consider this amazing resource? How can we help you, tell your teams' story?

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