Giving Back

Our cities, towns and schools MUST have Arts organizations that are vital AND viable partners in our communities. These organizations feed the dreams and hopes of our young and assist in lifting up those most in need of encouragement.  These groups often become the incubators for tomorrow's innovation leaders and problem solvers as well. Therefore, if you decide to hire us - to assist in enhancing your event, We would like to partner with you and a local school or arts program. There are multiple ways this can be done:

  •  Instruments for kids - We can obtain an instrument wish list and raise funds to purchase instruments at the event OR organize an instrument drive.
  •  1-1 Community Development - You can choose (or we can) a partner literacy or arts non-profit in the city in which your event is being held.  We will donate a team-building program to the leadership team of that organization in your name!  We will make all arrangements with the organization and make sure to be clear that this is donated on behalf of your organization.
  •  Our "Songwriter in Chief's" NEW CD - 7 Days - Purchase a copy of this CD for a minimum of 20 members of your leadership team, OR for all event attendees.  Jeff will donate 50% of that entire purchase back to the non-profit of your choice...once again in your name.

By bringing us on board to facilitate a team building event , you'll contribute to the success of a worthy, LOCAL organization.