Innovation and Song Writing

With "volunteers" at the Summit. I-phone symphonySo what does the process of writing a song have in common with your businesses desire to Innovate?  It's a valid question.  There are a few key touch points here where Song Writing and Innovation address virtually the same challenges.

 1-Innovation, is essentially the practice of the execution of putting Creative Ideas into the realm of reality....  Making the ideas "happen" so to speak. In most successful situations, this takes a TEAM of players with a shared goal.  To bring a concept, idea, new product, solution to life...takes many spokes to the same "Wheel."   Well, 90% of the biggest and most well-known, successful songs regardless of Genre from the last 100 years were written by TEAMS of songwriters.  Bringing more voices to the table, utilizing a variety of skill-sets, methods, and experiences..usually will yield more desirable results in the long-view, then if not as many voices have their say.


2 - Another key similarity is that much like songwriters are constantly trying to write a perfect, original new song using all the "Same old themes" of love, loss, trucks, summer nights, social issues, jobs lost, drinking at a favorite bar etc...Businesses are constantly trying to improve upon profitability by improving services, creating new products, improving processes, making better customer service the norm.  These are all old concepts.  Nothing new under the sun right? Whether it's a new love song, or a new and improved smart's a re-packaging of an older idea. So then the difference becomes, how original is your approach, how impassioned and dedicated is your team?


Let's look at 3 different ways to write a line of a song that ALL have the same story, or message:

  1. I saw her standing there, her lips so fine, and hair so long.
  2. There she was with her long blond hair, lip gloss on...
  3. As I sat at the bar, she was 8 seats away, I was trying to think of some smart words to say...

Let's look at 3 different ways to describe a common business challenge for the airlines:

  1. Our on time rate has plummeted this quarter, our customers are not going to be happy.  Especially those in business class.
  2. What do our business class guests have to say about our less then stellar trend of running behind this quarter?
  3. With our on-time rates suffering this past quarter, what we can learn to begin to solve this issue? Can we email our business class guests a survey to ask their advice?

You  see, the process of brainstorming songwriting/lyric solutions and music solutions in a typical songwriting session in Nashville, or LA, or NYC is extremely similar to the process required to suss out creative solutions in your organization.  Though we have to warn you, the process may be a bit more fun while writing a song!

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